Since 1927 the Hunsbergers and Yenters have held a joint family reunion. Often the reunion was held in Stromsburg, Nebraska at the park.

Front row: Phyllis Knerl, Shirley Knerl, Donald Knerl, Glenn Hunsberger,?,?,?
Middle row: ?, Katie Hunsberger, Eileen Hunsberger, Mary Belzer Hunsberger, Edwin Hunsberger, Luella Hunsberger, ?, Marjorie Hunsberger, Alfred Hunsberger, Ruth Boeckner, Lydia Hunsberger, ?
Back row: Ethel Knerl, ?, ?, ?, Althea Knerl, ?, Charles Knerl, Ira Hunsberger, ?, ?, Herman Spahr, ?, Harland Hunsberger